The world’s completely changed in the past few months and about 90% of my work has been writing about the coronavirus pandemic.

I was working in-house at Moneywise when things first “got weird”. First there was the budget and emergency base rate cut; then the cancellation of holidays and cruises. Before long we were being told to stay at home – the ideal opportunity to give your finances a spring clean.

The next few weeks were spent doing shifts (from home, obviously) for Mortgage Strategy. My work there covered how quickly things were changing in the mortgage market due to the pandemic. Lockdown delayed house moves, mortgage lenders changed their lending criteria, and widespread mortgage payment holidays were introduced.

Since mid-May I’ve been working for My coronavirus stories for the site include the issues with getting refunds from travel companies, the effect of the pandemic on working women, and furloughing (a word few of us had heard before March 2020).

I predict I’ll be spending the majority of 2020, perhaps longer, writing about Covid-19. Fingers crossed, I hope this will include some stories about how we’re recovering from this life-altering situation. “Stay alert” everyone…